I often get lost when I’m travelling. Especially when I’m supposed to follow the map. Map is an evil thing, leading people astray, if you ask me. It’s a bit better with Google Maps. A bit.

I prefer the road sings. They aren’t usually half as bad. Except those in Trowulan, Indonesia. I still remember my problems there. They ended when I found a local guide.

I lived in Solo for a year and I hardly even saw its map. Wherever I went, I knew just the rough direction and asked passerbys,  fellow motorbike drivers or policemen how to get somewhere. I think they might be shocked seing an European girl driver, asking them questions in Indonesian. Oh well, I had fun and treated it as an adventure.

My talks with my Indonesian friends were usually like this:

“Do you know how to get there?”
“Ok. I’ll come to get you/show you the way” (depending if I was still just a passenger or a driver already).
“No, it’s ok. I’ll get there myself. Don’t trouble yourself”
“But you don’t know the way.”
“I’ll find it. You don’t have to trouble yourself”. (Meaning: I’ll trouble the people on the streets, instead).

But, I think getting lost during travels is something good. It gives you a chance to get somewhere where you wouldn’t go normally. It’s an interesting way to discover cities. So as strange it may sound, I plan to get lost as often as possible during my travels.

How about you? Are you often lost while travelling? Do you like being lost?