Have you ever lost something during travels? I did. I also tried to use the lost and found office, looking for my notebook or sweater. Without success. How about you? Have you ever lost and recovered your possession? Can you share your story?

Recently I had watched few episode of Baggage Battles and I’m amazed. I’m amazed at what thing people have lost during their travels. Sometimes a real diamond can be found there.

Are you curious what can be found in the lost luggage? Of course except the usual things like clothes, underwear, electronic gadgets etc. Baggage Battles not necessarily is the only source for such knowledge.

In February 2014 LOT, the public Polish airline, held an unclaimed luggage auction in Warsaw. It wasn’t as interesting as the auctions from the Baggage Battles, and there was no info on especially worthy items found there. The luggage handled by LOT can be sold only after 2 years, much longer than in USA. The next auction was said to be in 2015.

I haven’t had my luggage “delayed” or “lost” luckily. Still, long waiting for my luggage makes me anxious. Even without having anything irreplaceable in there. “What if this time it’s my luggage that is one of the very few that were lost?” pops out in my head. How about you?

More than the auctions reality show, I’d be more interested in the TV series about finding (or not) the lost luggage etc. It would put me on ease if I had a reliable source of knowledge on what are the reasons for loosing it and what is being done to reclaim it. The thief from one of the Airport 24/7: Miami can’t be the sole reason, after all.

Have you got a situation where you lost and got back your luggage? What happened to it? Can you share your story?