Once I happened to find the site when I had to prepare materials for my work. I was surprised to see a photo of fields in Brazil with a nice description. Later on I lost the website link and one day when I remembered it, I had to look hard for it. But I found it again, and registered.

Trek Earth is a place to share photos of the world, with the author’s description about the place (most often). It’s a place where you can get your photos evaluated by fellow members. There is one catch – you can upload just one photo a day. And the community feature is lacking a bit, in my opinion.

My profile has just few photos. I shared photos from Poland, Indonesia, Japan and Czech (up to today). I’m not too active member, but if anybody from my readers is a member of TE, I’d be happy to chat and comment on each others photos and trips.

EDIT April 2016: Currently no account on TrekEarth. Cheers.

See you!