Did you read my post on local trains in Poland, Norway, Japan and Indonesia? Here is another post on trains, this time on trains connecting cities to airports. Or the lack of them. Again, Poland, Norway, Japan and Indonesia.



There are two airports serving Warsaw, capital city of Poland. First and main is Chopin Airport in Okęcie district of Warsaw. There is no need for train, you can use regular city bus or SKM line (fast city trains) to go from the airport to the city center. The cheapest option ever, currently only 4,40 zł (around 1 EUR or 1,5 USD).

Second airport in Modlin is serving the cheap airlines. There are trains connecting the airport and  major train stations in Warsaw.  More information on access on the official website. When I had to get to the airport, I used Modlin bus from the city centre.




I went from Oslo Torp airport (cheap airlines) to Oslo by train. It was almost 2 hours ride. From the airport we got into a shuttle bus and arrived just a minute before the train came. Train tickets were bought in the train, when the conductor came along. There was a possibility to pay in NOK or EUR or by card, tho I heard they accept only Norwegian cards. Current cost for train is 252 NOK.



I have travelled to/from Narita Airport, main (international) airport serving Tokyo. It’s located in Chiba prefecture, around 70 kms from Tokyo. I have used both Narita Express (shorty called: NEX) and non-express trains (with transfers). It’s easier and faster to use NEX, of course, but it’s slightly more expensive. If you bought JR Pass (East or country-wide) a special pass to ride JR trains “for free” you can use it on Narita Express without problems.

When NEX arrived to the terminal, the staff quickly cleaned up the train and rotated the seats to adjust them to ride direction. My attention in the express was divided between the landscapes behind windows and the information displayed on the train LCDs, including: route map, transfers, tickets and news (in Japanese and English). I think there were announcements in Japanese, English, Chinese and Russian too. Food and drinks available to buy on NEX.



No trains from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Jakarta. Only buses or cars. There are many no-meter cars around there, so better use taxi with meters.

Did you use any of the trains? Please share your opinions in the comments.