Five years have passed since I went to Oslo, Norway. I went there with my friend.


We went for a weekend, 29.01-01.02.2010. Arrival at Friday morning, departure on Monday morning.


We went by Wizz!Air (cheap) plane from Warsaw to Oslo Torp airport. We had carry-on and registered luggage. The whole trip Warsaw to Oslo was around 4 hours. We arrived to Oslo Torp (around 110 km from Oslo) after 2 hours of flight, then the next 2 hours we went by train to Oslo city centre. If you want to know more about the transport from Oslo Torp to Oslo, please read the post Airport Trains. On the way back to Poland we used a bus to go back to Oslo Torp airport.

In Oslo we were riding for free using Oslo Pass.

Oslo Pass

We bought 72-hours Oslo Pass, which gave us free entrance to museums, free rides with public transport and a ride on minicruise on the inner Oslo Fjord. It wasn’t cheap, but we really saved money using this pass.


We were really surprised to see shops closed on Sunday. Even grocery stores. Even stores close to the central station. A guidebook we took in the tourist information had info on shops opened on Sunday, it’s good to use that. We were also surprised with the lack of English-language description on food products. Looks like everybody speak English tho. :D


Sorry for the quality, the photos were taken with my mobile’s camera.

This is not the whole trip. Not all places we visited. I wrote earlier about Folk museum in Oslo (to be specific, about an old church). The readers of my Polish book blog could see photos from the museum too, showing the culture of Sami people.

I love this city. If I’d have to move somewhere in Europe, I’d definitely move there. I’m definitely going to Oslo next time I have a chance.

Did you go to Oslo? What do you think of it? What kind of adventures you had there?