Today the photo is a part of the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post. The theme this week is “Blur“.

I decided to use a photo which will help me to tell you about Jakarta (and other cities). It’s not the best, but I was in the rush trying to catch the scene.

Jakarta traffic

Jakarta streets
Man waiting for a chance to cross the street near The Old Town in Jakarta.

A guide to walking in Javanese cities

based on my experience from my stay.

  • Pavements (like the one in the photo) are not given. Pavements might be used as a place for eating (on the carpet) in front of the bar. Do not walk over the carpets.
  • Zebras on the streets are rare, even in Jakarta. Cross anywhere you want, when there are no cars.
  • Walking on the side of the street is acceptable. There might not be any other choice, anyway.
  • If you want to cross the street and see policemen, use it. If they will see you want to go to the other side, they will walk onto the street and stop the cars for you.
  • Most of the time honking doesn’t mean there is any danger to you. If you’re a tourist (most often “white”) then some people may great you by honking.

Any other tips?