I have spent Easter in the area of Bug Landscape Park. During my Sunday walk, I travelled through 3 villages in Mazovia Province: Nadkole, Łazy and Szumin (starred on map). All those places are in gmina Łochów (Łochów municipality). I can’t accurately count the distance I made as Google map doesn’t show the streets in those villages.




The weather was very April-like which means not exactly spring-like. We have a saying in Poland that April mixes both summer and winter. That was true. During my 5-hour walk, there were sun, clouds, rain and even a small hail. Nothing too big to leave me too wet, but nonetheless. It was quite warm too.


A village where most of the houses are summerhouses. Close to Liwiec river and forest. Around 2 km to Bug river (by the woods).


A village located both in the forest and by the road. Some photos were taken by the road Gwizdały – Łazy – Brzuza.

It’s easiest to notice in Łazy area that forest is not entirely left on its own. There are clearcutting spots and zones with new trees.

I visited Łazy twice— at the beginning of the trip and on my way home. Both times I was in different parts of the village.

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I wanted to continue to Brzuza, but the weather got worse. Then I saw the sign “Szumin 1 km”. I decided to cut down my route and go back home. I didn’t take too many photos this time. I already had lots, from an earlier trip.

What did you do during Easter?