This time the theme at Where’s my backpack is: Hats. So I decided to post several photos from my travels in Norway, Japan and Indonesia. The hats won’t be the only thing in the photo, not that important either, but there are. Hats, helms etc.

Before you see the photos, I’ll write a bit of explanation.

  • The Norway photo comes from my trip in 2010. I have written about the Folk Museum in Oslo already, best check the tag museum on the sidebar.
  • I have written about yabusame festival already, actually there is a video of it. I posted this photo to show you that towels are used by Japanese as hats when they have to stand for a longer time in the sun. This photo was taken on a festival, but I saw them also when we were waiting outside in the sun to enter Tokyo Games Show.
  • The photo of armours was made in the Himeji castle, Hyogo prefecture in Japan. The castle is one of the Japanese sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. This isn’t the only photo from Hyogo prefecture.
  • The last photo, of my friend, was taken in Borobudur, a Buddhist temple that is an Indonesian site listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. I did post a photo of Borobudur earlier, for another challenge.

Would you like to wear those hats? Are you taking part in the challenge?