I love taking photos while travelling. Be it plane, train, boat or something else. Yet, when I saw the “On the Way” topic at Daily Photo Challenge, I didn’t hesitate. I knew which photo I’d use. Please excuse the quality, it was taken with mobile’s camera.

I’m not exactly sure where is it (if you know, please share!) except, that’s somewhere in Hyogo prefecture, on the way from Toyooka to Kyoto. If the timetable hasn’t changed in years, it’s between Ayabe and Sonobe stations (40 km difference ><‘).

Somewhere in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
Somewhere in Hyogo prefecture, Japan.

I’d really love to go there! Not just pass it.

Do you take part in the Daily Photo Challenge? What’s your photo for this theme?

PS. On 1st June I’m starting my Monthly Travels Challenge, feel free to join, no matter the experience or the locations you travelled to :)