Welcome to the first of the monthly challenges. Every month, on its first day, I’ll be posting rules for the challenge. You have the whole month to do it.

The idea behind June rules is Be a tourist in your own town (region)!

June rules:

  • Discover! You should visit a place you haven’t seen yet. Parks, monuments, buildings, museums, local/ethnic restaurant, etc.
  • My place! You should visit a place in your town or region. Region might be cultural/geographical/political. Just sharing some link with the place you live in.

Both rules are obligatory. New places visited before 1st June 2015 (local time), but posted in June, are not valid.

Going for a guided walk around the town (especially to unknown areas of the city) is a good way to feel like a tourist in your own city.

Since I live in Warsaw, I can discover a new place in Warsaw, Mazovia Province or Mazovia Region. The last two aren’t the same.

If I would be living in Surakarta still, I would either explore Surakarta or Central Java Province (including any city that lies there). I know Yogyakarta and Surakarta had some historical links too, but well, it’s a special region for a reason. ;) There are lots of things to see in CJ. ;)

If I’d be living in Tokyo, it would be Tokyo or Greater Tokyo area.

Etc. etc.

Have fun discovering new places!

Please link back to the post, so it’d be easier for me to link to you in the summary post in July.

Do you have a place you always wanted to visit, but haven’t done so yet? That could be a great chance. Do you know what place will you visit?