In the Blogging University’s Blogging101 Day Two is about Title and Tag. I’ll shine some light on the name and… will ponder on my tagline.

It might not look like this, but actually the title was inspired by Izumi Shikibu‘s 枕草子 (The Pillow Book). Polish translation is ‘Zapiski spod poduszki’ and I translated back ‘zapiski’ into English ‘notes’. In the end I made myself in the centre, not my travels. Of course there wouldn’t be a traveller without travels…

The tagline – Notes from travels around the world is getting back to treating travels as a subject. Still it’s more like a wishful thinking so far, because my travels were only in Eurasia continent.

I would like to ask for your opinion on the tagline. I had already written my introduction yesterday. I also shared one-year anniversary stats last month which helped me organise my main topics. Instead of nature (as I tend to think about myself as a nature lover), I most often posted about architecture.

So, I’ve been thinking:

  • notes from travels around the world – keep the old/current one?
  • bitten by the travel bug – inspired by More Than a Dash of Salt in her comments on All About (introduction) post.
  • cities, nature, people and stories – more or less plenty of those things in my posts.
  • inspiring travels – travels do inspire me, I learn a lot during travels. I know I have to work bit more on showing how I’m inspired by other bloggers’ travels and with my post (and now – challenge) I’d like to inspire others.
  • introverted traveller’s tales – that’s me, well ‘tales’ is a big word, but don’t blame me – I’m a fantasy fan.
  • something else? – any ideas?

Which tagline should I use in your opinion? How do you sell off your blog?