To all participants of the Monthly Travels Challenge. Thank you for taking part in the June 2015 theme.

I have browsed blogs of all who voiced an interest in the challenge, looking for your posts. I have decided to change the rules to adjust visibility for us fellow participants and readers. The changed rules are in the first posts, but the changes are: obligatory Monthly Travels Challenge tag and link back to the monthly rules post you cover. Starting from July summary I will only feature in the summary posts those who fulfilled the rules so make sure you understood them correctly.

June 2015 Challenge

  • Discover a new (for yourself) place in your town or region.
  • Your first visit there should have been (at least) in June 2015.

June 2015 Challengers

  • Kama from The Traveller’s Notes (aka me), the host of the challenge. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Caroliena from Polyprotic Amory. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Jewel from Habitual Jewel. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Kristyna from Tasting The World. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Ria from Life in big tent. Done 1/1 [1/12].
  • Elizaberrie from Looking back from 50. Done 0/1 [0/12] for not fulfilling all the rules unless I’ll get a confirmation. The post is very informative for those who plan to visit Richmond in Virginia.
  • Traveller on a mission. Done 0/1 [0/12] but I still enjoyed the failed post. ;)

I’m sorry if somebody wasn’t listed here, I didn’t find your challenge post. Please use the tag and link back to the post and I will add you.

If you haven’t passed the June challenge or just discovered this post you can still take part in it (even doing the June theme) and write a post.

Great Britain

  • Chastworth House is a stately house house in Derbyshire, England. You might have seen it already in several films, but Kristyna’s post is always worth reading.



  • During June I have visited several places in Warsaw: museum, art gallery and a courtyard full of entertainment.


I hope you’ll have as much fun reading those posts as the participants had discovering those places.

Will you take part in the challenge?