Acting according to Blogging101 course, starting from today, I make a feature schedule that will appear on The Traveller’s Notes. Some of them you already know, but they will reappear after a break.

The regular monthly posts:

  • On 1st day of the month (until May 2016) there will be the theme for the Monthly Travels Challenge. You can join anytime.
  • On 7th day of the month (until June 2016) there will be the summary of the previous Monthly Travels Challenge.
  • On 14th day of the month there will be Travel to Poland Guide post.
  • On 21st day of the month there will be Video of the Month post. It might be a video somehow related to any July events (past or current) or just a video I found and liked.
  • On every Sunday at 22:00 (current location’s timezone) there will be Photo of the Week post. It may be related to current or past events or travels that happened during the given week.


Enjoy. See you later with the Discover challenge summary post.


Which of the feature are you interested in most?