LGBT Film Festival 2016
LGBT Film Festival 2016

The LGBT Film Festival is already half way on (15-22.04.2016) in several Polish cities, including Warsaw, and it will continue in May in two other cities. Warsaw festival is held in Kinoteka cinema, located in Palace of Culture and Science (Pałac Kultury i Nauki).


Starting from this weekend the Pride parades/marches will begin in Poland, as shown in this map (made by LGBT organisations):

Pride in Poland 2016
Pride in Poland 2016, from:

English version would be:

  • 23.04.2016 15:00 – Lodz: Łódź March of Equality (Łódzki Marsz Równości) starts at The Old Market Square
  • 14.05.2016 – Krakow: March of Equality in Krakow
  • 21.05.2016 – Gdansk:: Tricity March of Equality (Trójmiejski Marsz Równości)
  • 11.06.2016 – Warsaw: Parade of Equality (Parada Równości)
  • 24.09.2016 – Poznan: March of Equality (Marsz Równości)
  • 08.10.2016 – Wroclaw: Wrocław March of Equality (Wrocławski Marsz Równości)

Usually the marches/parade are just part of a festival (events) related to lgbt and equality/discrimination issues. So cis/hetero allies are more than welcome.

When you come, it’s fun to see the cities or their provinces too. Here are some suggestions, but feel free to ask questions: