If you follow my blog for a while, you probably read a post about souvenirs. I usually buy books for myself. I could do the books update for The Birthday Challenge souvenirs post but… I’ll write about souvenirs I bought for others.


The best present I bought was the one for my grandma, probably. She likes pink, green bags (from fabric) so when I saw a folded material tote bag with Buddha’s images on it, I bought it for her. It’s been in use for 5 years already. Yay, Japan. :D For one of my friends (who was still studying at that time) I bought omamori (amulet) for success in studying. Not really a souvenir, but… well. It served for a bit.

One of my friends likes fridge magnets, so it’s never a problem what yo buy her. Another one loves sweets.

What I buy for my family, varies widely. Sometimes I just buy postcards. Sometimes I buy sweets. Sometimes I buy some accessories like bags or scarves. Or key-chains. Or something else. Usually, it has to be small and light so I can carry it in my carry-on.


What do you buy as a souvenir for others?