At the beginning of February 2017, I went to Prague for a weekend. A crazy (?) trip in between switching jobs. I took a long distance bus on Friday night, came to Prague the next morning, stayed for 2 days, and took the Sunday evening bus from Prague to Warsaw. I came back on Monday, just in time to have a shower and change my clothes before starting my first day in a new company.

Maybe that explains why my plan for Prague was almost non-existent. And still, I didn’t do much from it:

  • I went to a club in Vinohrady
  • I went to Kampa Island
  • I ate hermelin (marinated camembert)

So what I did? I had fun. ;) And here are 10 photos from my trip.


Why are books the first photo? Right after I came to town, on Saturday morning, I bought souvenirs. Shops are closed on Saturday’s afternoon and remain closed on Sunday. Charles Bridge is too crowded for my liking, so unless you really have to see it, it might be better to cross the river somewhere else. ;)

The trip was fun, but I’m in no hurry to come back to Prague. Still, my number one neighbouring capital for re-visit is Riga, Latvia.


Have you been to Prague? Did you like it?