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on Merbabu

There is a story behind every photo.

And this photo is probably the best one to speak about travelling.

It’s the story of joy and sweat. It’s a story of challenging yourself and reaching out to others. It’s a story of happy and sad times. It’s a story of the way you walk and changing yourself for ever. 

This photo is a memory of my biggest (highest?) challenge. I wouldn’t get to the peak at 3045m of Merbabu in Indonesia if it weren’t for those and other people who accompanied me and took care of me. This is one of my brightest memories. Thank you, for all your help and patience. 


My name is Sam and I started this travel blog (using the nick Kama) in May 2014. I’m the introverted traveller who doesn’t like to make introductions. I’m used to solo travelling, especially in Poland, but I went out alone to Norway, Japan and Indonesia too. Sometimes I enjoy travelling with friends.

I started the Monthly Travels Challenge on 1st June 2015. You are welcome to join anytime, until May 2016.

I’d like to offer my thanks to all my readers and artists whose work I’m using on the blog. Much appreciated.

For now I’m staying again in my hometown, Warsaw. I finished the Warsaw guide course, so if you’d like an individual tour, feel free to contact me with this form.


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